What If

I often think what if. What if my child was a typical 20 year old girl. What if she was living away from home in a dorm at college. What if she stood in front of her closet full of clothes each morning picking out the perfect outfit. What if she was heading out the door on a date with someone special. What if she had a group of girlfriends that she did everything with.

Do you ever think what if? What if your child had disabilities. What if you could tuck them in bed every night and tell them you love them regardless of their age. What if they never stopped believing in Santa Claus and you could experience Christmas magic every year. What if your teenager was never embarrassed to show you affection even out in public. What if your child taught you how to appreciate the simplest of things. What if your child with disabilities relied on you to become their fiercest advocate and you became a much stronger person because of it.

I often think what if and when I do I know how blessed I am.

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