Thank a Therapist

I love therapists! Good therapists that is. My daughter has received services from many therapists for a long time. There have been speech therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists both inside and outside of school. And it’s because of the hard work and dedication of these therapists that we have come as far as we have.

I use the word “we” when I say how far we’ve come because the good therapists not only serviced my child but they serviced our family. They made home life easier for all of us. The back and forth communication from our therapists made a difference. The suggestions and tips on what to do at home made our family function better. It takes a united effort but therapists can help your child thrive.

Some of our therapists have become our extended family. When my daughter accomplished a new task at home it’s them that we can’t wait to tell. And so many times in the past a therapist has called or emailed from school to share good news. They get it.

Therapists are such an important piece to this special needs puzzle. They work hard to make what seems impossible happen.

Next time you talk to your child’s therapist thank them.

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