Really Betsy?

Really Betsy? Did you really put a lot of thought into this? Was it really a difficult decision for you? Here’s the thing, your proposal to eliminate funding for Special Olympics puts this country that you love so dearly at an all time low. When asked how many children this difficult decision was going to affect, you didn’t even know. Really Betsy?

In case you are wondering, last year nearly 3 million children participated in Special Olympics unified schools and another 300,000 participated in unified sports. And Betsy when you were making this difficult decision did you consider that this not only affects the athletes but it also affects their coaches, volunteers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors. I’m not sure if you realize this Betsy but Special Olympics is not just about the athletes. It’s about communities uniting together to support some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. And hey Betsy if you think eliminating the funding for Special Olympics is going to help make America great again you are dead wrong. Special Olympics IS what makes our country great.

I understand that there has to be cuts to the budget somewhere. But really Betsy? Special Olympics? I would like to know why you chose Special Olympics over something else. Perhaps you could try skimming some funds from, do I dare say, charter schools. Oh I know charter schools are important too. How great America will be when every parent has a choice of where to send their child to school. Really Betsy? Do you think we are that naive?

That word choice doesn’t come up too often when you are the parent of a child with disabilities. And that Betsy is why Special Olympics is such an integral part of the special needs community. There is no need for choice, every child is welcome. And hey Betsy America and this world become a better place when everyone is included.

I have witnessed firsthand the impact Special Olympics has had on the lives of many children. They become true athletes and win or lose they gain a better sense of self worth and pride. Words can not describe what it’s like to watch the athletes receive their medals. They are accepted, appreciated and included and they know it. The sense of community and inclusion is felt by all who attend the games.

But really Betsy? Special Olympics? I understand that you are a donor and had to make a difficult decision. Perhaps however the next time you have to make a difficult decision you will think it through a little more. And perhaps instead of donating your money next time you will volunteer your time and get to actually know the people you are making these difficult decisions about. And hey Betsy you probably will never understand this but you could never give me enough of your money to buy one of my child’s medals. Believe it or not, money can’t buy everything. Really Betsy.

One thought on “Really Betsy?

  1. Well said. Plus Carol is a wonderful lady, wonderful parent and she’s in the education field. Couldn’t agree with you more Carol.


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