Autism Is

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. I asked my friends to tell me what Autism is and they came up with a great list. A list of many wonderful things that inspired me to write this poem. Thank you for understanding, accepting and spreading awareness. The journey is long but it is people like you that makes it amazing.

Autism Is

Autism is an amazing journey and that is true. In today’s world it is a journey for quite a few. People on the spectrum are an amazing bunch they really are. From mild to severe they have the potential to go really far. Children of God living a different childhood. Autism is often misunderstood. To make some people unique it was part of God’s plan. They would become some of our favorite people and help us become a better woman and man. They teach us to see the world in a different way. Every minute of every day. Autism is a 3 dimensional puzzle, a mystery waiting to be solved. Because of this World Autism Day has evolved. A puzzle that is loved, our normal everyday. Beautiful in every way. Some think the vaccines cause it, I think not. This is a misconception that will long be fought. Autism is not a disease but a journey. A journey that will last until eternity. Autism is a journey that is long and hard. It leaves parents and caregivers scarred. But through it all there is a child. A child that is loved regardless if they are mild or wild. A child that teaches us so many amazing things along the way. A child that introduces us to a village of people that help us each and every day. Autism is many things. It is amazing and beautiful. We are better people for understanding all the gifts it brings.

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