All That You Are

All that you have become all that you are

took many many years.

Years that were filled with much laughter and tears

and help from a village of people both near and far.

It took you a while to like this place.

I’m sorry for not understanding in the beginning what you were all about.

Today though I can stand up and shout.

It’s happiness we all see on your face.

This journey has been long.

You have amazed us with all that you have accomplished and done.

We never could have imagined you would turn 21.

Through it all you have become very strong.

You have taken us on an unbelievable journey through the years.

Often times we didn’t know if we could go on one more day.

You were the one who always showed us the way.

You proved us wrong with our worries and fears.

It’s been amazing to have watched all that you have become all that you are.

You have made us tired and turned our hair gray.

But with you we would not trade any day.

You have worked so hard to come so far.

You have had your share of days that were extremely bad.

Days we frantically tried to get you through.

If you only knew the many times I’ve cried for you.

You learned to let those days go and instead remember all the good days you’ve had.

You have taken us places we never thought we’d be.

You taught us to look differently with our eyes.

With our ears to hear sounds that many often disguise.

You showed us a different world to see.

We have watched you grow and become who you are.

Somehow all of those missed milestones came into place.

You did it in your own time and pace.

The storm that once was is now in a place that is very far.

All that you have become all that you are fills me with bittersweet delight.

Today you are 21.

Your journey has been incredible and is not nearly done.

I think of the beautiful woman you have become and the tears that fill my eyes I hide from your sight.

Today you are 21 and a shining star.

Happy 21st birthday to you.

It was quite the accomplishment for you to do.

We are so proud of all that you have become all that you are.

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