In The Good Old Summertime

It’s summer. Our kids are out and about everywhere. The routines, schedules and familiar faces are gone. Sometimes the good old summertime isn’t so good. Sometimes when we are out and about our kids let us know that they don’t want to be there and sometimes it’s not in a “society accepted” way. I’m sorry if this annoys you but I would appreciate it if you keep your thoughts to yourself.

I was out with my daughter the other day and we were at an unfamiliar place. It was something she wanted to do so we planned it and went. When we got there however she panicked and did not want to go in. She gave me a shove and started walking away. An older gentleman looked at her and told her not to treat her mother like that and that she was a bad kid. I wish at the time I could have told this man what he could do with his thoughts. Instead I took my daughter and left.

In the past when she was really panicked she would spit in my face and start lashing out. Those days have been long gone though and she has gotten much better at communicating her fears. This incident was unexpected and nothing like it used to be. It has taken years of hard work to get where we are. So to the man that told my daughter she was a bad kid, “Mind your own @#$& business!” We sat in the car for awhile and her words finally came. She said she was sorry and was just scared and wanted to go home.

Summer is a hard time for some kids. The routines, schedules, familiar faces and places are gone. As fun as summer is supposed to be, some days it just isn’t. Lots of kids are off from school and parents are trying to keep them occupied. If you are out and see a child having a hard time don’t judge, don’t criticize and don’t chastise them. This holds true for social media too. Don’t post it. We’ll see it and all of the comments that follow it. Please don’t judge another person’s child that you have absolutely no clue about.

Special needs parents are always told to brush it off and not care about what other people think. Well do you know what? Brush it off or not, it hurts. Our children hear what you say too and it hurts them as well. We are one community. Instead of judging, understand and accept.

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