The Turkeys Under The Bed

I’ve done quite a few things I never could have imagined doing for my children but I never thought I’d be checking under the bed for turkeys. I’ve checked for monsters and I think I have checked for the tooth fairy at least once or twice, but turkeys never. Never that is until now. I walked into her room and she said she was scared. Scared of what, I asked. Her response, “I heard a noise under my bed and I think it’s the turkeys.” I looked, and lo and behold there were no turkeys. I’m almost certain that not too many parents have had to check under their child’s bed for turkeys. I however knew the reasoning behind this.

We live in a city not too far from Boston. We have woods and ponds and green spaces but we are far from being considered “the country.” Our yards are filled with rabbits and chipmunks so when you look out your window and see turkeys it catches you off guard. We have had two turkeys making their way down our street a few times this week. Our neighbors came out and watched with us. It was a sight to see. My daughter however wanted nothing to do with it. No way was she stepping outside to watch. That should have been our clue that we would be talking about turkeys long after they were gone. She was annoyed at their first visit. After all they don’t belong here and they certainly were not invited. And the nerve they have for coming back a second and third time.

The plan now is to casually distract her from looking out the window when ever those turkeys return. It’s the same strategy we used when the ice cream truck used to come and stop in front of our house every day (every single day for one very long summer). Out of sight out of mind. In the meantime we’ll keep checking under the bed and anywhere else a turkey might be lurking. And if by chance we do find a turkey under the bed one day, the For Sale sign will be put out front.

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