Make It Happen

Yesterday My daughter and I went to another princess meet and greet. Our last one of the summer. Her life revolves around school and princesses. Since school has been on the back burner these princess events have kept her busy. The owner of the place has a tattoo on his arm that says Make It Happen. As I noticed it yesterday I thought to myself this is going to be the school year that we really need to make it happen. Kelsey will age out in May and transition into another program. It certainly won’t be an easy transition but we will make it happen just as we have with so many other things.

Perhaps it’s coincidental but one year ago Kelsey and I were in NYC on the first trip we ever took together just the two of us. We took the train to see Frozen on Broadway. It was going to be a spectacular trip. After all it was Queen Elsa and Princess Anna related. Soon into our trip however I realized perhaps it was not going to be as spectacular as I thought. It seems that my daughter does not like trains. We only took the train because I thought it would be more relaxing and she could get up and walk around. I was wrong. She hated it. At one point when the train stopped in Connecticut I was tempted to get off , rent a car and go home. I didn’t though. Seeing Frozen on Broadway was just something you don’t give up on. I had to make it happen. And I did.

Finally we made our way to Grand Central Station and to our hotel. There we were able to relax and chill for a while. Kelsey loved looking out the window at all of the people in Times Square far below us. She was mesmerized and actually spent more time looking at that than her iPad.

The play was the next day so we left the hotel early and headed over to the the theater. All was fine with Kelsey until we got there. There were people everywhere and she stood still in her tracks. She grabbed my arm and wanted to go home. No way did we come this far on that train just to stand in the lobby and go home. I was going to make this happen. And I did. I dragged her up the stairs to our seats and listened to her pleas to leave. Finally the lights came down, the music started to play and we were seeing Frozen on Broadway! One year later she still talks about the play and our exciting adventures in NYC. Memories she has because we made it happen. (Not once though has she ever mentioned that train ride).

Yesterday we had one more make it happen moment. Kelsey needs a new mattress and we have been trying to convince her of that. She of course wants nothing to do with anything new. My husband and I went yesterday without her and bought a new mattress. We made it happen. While we were in the store we somehow got into a conversation with the salesman about that other furniture store. You know the one with the two brothers. The salesman told us that one of the brothers, Barry, left the business to pursue a career on Broadway in NYC.

I believe that people come into our lives at certain times for certain reasons. I don’t think we met up with the man with the tattoo by accident. As I said, this school year is going to be a challenging one. Transition is never easy and my daughter is about to make a huge one. If you asked me a few months ago I would have said I feared it, I dreaded it, I didn’t want to face it. Today however, I’m saying we’ll make it happen. I know because I was reminded yesterday by the man with the tattoo on his arm.

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