‘Twas The Night Before The First Day Of School

‘Twas The night before the first day of school, When all through the house I stirred everything up looking for the last IEP signed by me and my spouse; My child was never going to bed; While visions of school danced in her head; The backpack that I had just emptied out last year’s stuff, Was put by the door in hopes that the morning would not be rough. And I still in my tye dye shirt, and Dad in his summer shorts, had just settled our brains after another long summer’s day. Eventually we must have dozed, Slept through the alarm until I heard a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew in a mad dash, Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. The streetlight still lit in the early morning, Gave an unwelcome to the first day warning. When what to my wondering eyes should appear But a white van and eight children full of fear, With a van driver rushing us out quick, I knew in a moment he must know the trick. More rapid than the new administration they came, And he smiled and reminded us many faces would be the same. “Now, OT! now SLP! now PT and TVI! on BCBA! on ETL! on Sped teacher and Para! Back to school! to walking in the hall! Now off to work! off to work! off to work all! As the endless hours it takes before a new skill is learned, as success comes after many a try, When the team and the child coincide, forever high they will fly; So off to school with a team waiting for them the van full of kids went, With a hope of success and another year well spent. And then, before the day ended I heard the phone ringing. It was the school, I was sure bad news they were bringing. And then I heard the voice on the line, The team had called to say my child did just fine. And as I thought in my head and was trying to utter a sound, Down came my blood pressure with a bound. The news was something I didn’t expect to hear. What a great thing you did to lessen my fear. A bundle of great news you flung my way. What a great first day. My eyes how they did open wide, The smile on my face I couldn’t hide. You addressed my concerns right from the start, And all of my tarnished thoughts I could part. The sign of a good year I held in my heart. The team was with us right from the start. Your phone call lasted only a few, You explained you still had work to do. The tone in your voice made me think in my head I had nothing to dread. You spoke your last word and went straight back to work. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, I was a jerk. And putting all of my fears aside it was teamwork I chose, Together is how every child grows. I sprang to my computer and sent our team a shoutout, And away my concerns went, this school year was going to be a success I had no doubt. And as the van dropped my child at home I heard the driver exclaim as he drove out of sight- “Happy first day of school to all and to all a goodnight.”

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