Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

She came through the door with a big grin on her face. I knew right away that she had a story to tell. Some days she comes home and can’t wait to tell me about her day. She can’t wait to tell me her new story. Kelsey is a story keeper. When someone tells her a story she never forgets it.On this particular day her teacher told her a story about a weekend trip and ordering lobster macaroni and cheese at a restaurant. For the life of her Kelsey can not imagine why anyone would put lobster on macaroni and cheese. As she was telling me the story about her teacher’s adventures she kept asking me in disbelief if lobster macaroni and cheese was a real thing. Perhaps one day she won’t question it and tell the story differently. But for now I enjoy hearing it just as she tells it.

Through the years Kelsey has had many people help her along the way. What she remembers most about the people she has interacted with are the stories that they have shared with her. Most people don’t realize the impact that sharing something as simple as a story can have. It’s these stories like the lobster macaroni and cheese that keep my daughter happy and secure.

Not a day goes by that I don’t hear a story that someone has told her. We’ll be in the car or eating dinner and all of a sudden she starts to tell us one of her stories. Some of them are from long ago and I’ve heard over and over again. She never forgets them and hangs on to each and every one.

Stories connect us to one another. My daughter is very fortunate to be connected with so many people in her life. Some of these people she sees every day some not too often anymore. She carries all of their stories with her though and smiles as she tells them. Through the years she has gained much more than just the goals on an IEP.

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