Some Things Never Change

It’s been a Frozen 2 weekend for us. My Elsa and Anna obsessed daughter has been waiting for the release of Frozen 2 for months. Finally the day came and all of the questions she has been asking were answered. Some of those answers she was happy with, others she wasn’t.

We learned in the first movie that the Frozen phenomenon wasn’t just about the princesses. It was also about the songs. Most of us can belt out at least a few lines of “Let it Go.” Disney held true to their promise that Frozen 2 would have just as many memorable songs as the first movie. The song “Into the Unknown” being its anthem song.

As I sat there in the movie theater though with my daughter it wasn’t “Into the Unknown” that captured my attention. It was another song called “Some Things Never Change..”The song is about the passage of time and how we all keep growing older. It says that although the future is unknown somethings never change. It struck me because soon my daughter will be aging out of public school and moving into adult services. As unfamiliar and unpredictable as that is going to be there will always be one thing that never changes. It’s the bond between us.

Time is going to keep moving forward. The day will come when all the questions we have been asking about this next phase of our daughter’s journey will be answered. Some of those answers she’ll like, others she won’t. I’ll hold her tight though and she’ll make it through.

“Some Things Never Change” from “Frozen 2” soundtrack:

Yes, the wind blows a little bit colder. And we’re all getting a little bit older. And the clouds are moving on with every autumn breeze. Peter Pumpkin just became fertilizer

And my leaf’s a little sadder and wiser.

That’s why I rely on certain certainties. Yes, some things never change. Like the feel of your hand in mine. Some things stay the same

Like how we get along just fine

Like an old stone wall that’ll never fall. Some things are always true. Some things never change. Like how I’m holding on tight to you.

The leaves are already falling. It feels like the future is calling.

The winds are restless. Could that be why I’m hearing this call? Is something coming? I’m not sure I want things to change at all. These days are precious .Can’t let them slip away. I can’t freeze this moment. But I can still go out and seize this day

The wind blows a little colder. And you all look a little bit older. It’s time to count our blessings Beneath an autumn sky

Some things never change. Turn around and the time has flown. Some things stay the same. Though the future remains unknown. May our good luck last. May our past be past. Time’s moving fast, it’s true Some things never change

And I’m holding tight onto you. Holding on tight to you. Holding on tight to you. Holding on tight to you. I’m holding on tight to you

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