The Elves

It’s Dec 1 and those elves on the shelf came back. And yes we have two of them. It seems that a few years ago Joby our original elf, got lonely and thus Buddy the Elf came into the picture. This year those elves came back with a letter and a purpose.

My daughter does not like change. If everything could stay exactly the same forever that would suit her just fine. When we got a new kitchen table she was quite upset. Getting a new mattress for her bed was not so easy. And now when we mention that we will be needing a new car soon she makes it clear that she will hate whatever we get. Unfortunately this coming year she will age out of school and transition to adult services. This transition is going to be very difficult and I have been working with her school since September to try and make it as easy as possible.

Through the years my daughter has made me do a lot of thinking outside of the box. Talk about having a fried brain, mine has been fried, baked and broiled beyond repair. So with what little energy I have left I’ve decided if I have to put up with those annoying elves everyday that make me sometimes jump out of bed at 2:00 a.m to move them I’m not going to let the opportunity of their return pass us by. Those elves are going to be a part of this transition process and are going to teach the lesson of change.

The elves suddenly appeared this morning with a letter to my daughter detailing what they have been doing since they last visited the shelf in our house. Santa’s workshop was getting very overcrowded and he needed to open another one. Some of the elves had to leave the workshop at the North Pole and relocate to a new one somewhere in the icy North Mountains. Santa chose his best elves, Buddy and Joby, to help start up the new workshop. Joby is a little sad about the move however and is still trying to get used to her new surroundings. Hmmm. Something similar to my daughter moving to a new program when she ages out. I bet however by the time Christmas rolls around and those elves have to go back to the workshop we will be able to have convinced Joby the Elf to give her new surroundings a chance.

Those elves will move all around our house until Christmas Day. They will get into all kinds of mischief but will teach a lesson too. Perhaps when my daughter transitions to a new program and is in new surroundings she will remember her two elves, Buddy and Joby, and how they felt when they moved to a new workshop. Yes call me crazy but that is how we function in our house. I wish it could be as simple as just moving the elf from one spot to the next every night but it isn’t. We do things different here and that’s okay.

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