Social Distancing

It has only been a week yet it seems like an eternity. Two weeks ago the words social distancing were two words I have never put together in a sentence before. Today those words are what we live by.

Right now we are all experiencing the same emotions. Disbelief, fear, and sadness fill our minds. Each of us regardless if we admit it or not are tired and on edge. Our lives, our routines have been changed and no one can give us an answer when we will be able to return to the normalcy that we complained so much about but we so much want back in our lives.

Although we are only one week into this new way of living, as a parent of a special needs child I have already learned a lot. First, my child is more resilient than I ever thought. No one more minute warnings that something is about to change, No more understanding of first this happens then that happens.Thats all gone away. The schedules and routines that she so much relied on to get from one day to the next have all gone away. Overnight a whole new schedule, a whole new routine was thrown my daughter’s way. She however, is adapting much better than I thought. I have learned that as long as there is a constant routine even if it’s different than what she is familiar with she can survive.

Second, I’ve learned that the teachers and staff my daughter interacts with every day are so much a part of her life and her world. Her whole world revolves around school and home. This is so true to all of our children whether typical or not. Our kids go to school, some participate in after school programs, and then they come home. My daughter, as well as many other students, would not have made it through the week without her teachers. There are not enough words to describe the impact our teachers have made on our kids this week. They are so much apart of their lives, our lives, and I hope now we can all fully realize just how important they are to our children. It is essential that they continue to remain actively involved in their lives as they make their way through this.

Third, I have learned that we all need human contact. Even though my daughter lacks many social graces and doesn’t need what we call “friends” in her life she still needs people. She desperately needs her village of people in her life. She needs contact, human touch, and support each and every day. “Friends” as we call them may not be important to her but the people in her support system are. Social distancing has been tremendously hard for her and something that she doesn’t fully understand. The need for human contact and touch is with us all regardless if we are neurotypical or not.

As we move into another week of social distancing since we can’t physically be together its so very important to stay connected with one another either online or by phone. We all need someone, our children included. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected.

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