Faith, Hope And Pixie Dust

I’m not going to lie. This week has been a tough one. Our journey despite its unexpected detours and roadblocks has become more like a scary rollercoaster. The Covid 19 coaster is a ride no one wants to get on. Our journey is now filled with uphill climbs that suddenly take us spiraling down feeling out of control and unable to catch our breath.

All children and most adults do better with a consistent routine and predictability. To have that suddenly taken away is not easy for any of us. This has been especially hard for my daughter with ASD and anxiety. Her routines and being able to predict what the next day holds has been without warning taken away. We are all struggling right now. Some of us however are dealing with it better than others.

Along the way we have hit many roadblocks. This one though is like one we’ve never experienced before. None of us know what will happen next. What was once predictable to all of us is no longer. If we as adults are scared just imagine how our children feel. There are some days I ask myself how are we ever going to get through all of this. Then I start to listen to the voice of reason in my head and know we’ll get through because we have faith, hope and pixie dust on our side.

We are a family that is blessed to have an abundance of faith in our child’s school program. Through the years we have experienced a lot of programs. Some have worked, some haven’t. How fortunate we are now at this difficult time to be in the right program. The teachers and staff have gone above and beyond from day 1 of this crazy thing. Not only are they caring for their own families, they are caring for mine and many others. Kudos to you all for being there every single day. At a time when we all need each other’s help you have been a driving force for us. There are many things a teacher is called upon to do and this is something no teacher ever imagined having to do. You and teachers all across the country are doing it though and the lifelines that you are providing are what will keep us moving forward.

Along this journey we have established a village of people that have provided an endless amount of support. Family, friends, neighbors, doctors and our community have and continue to always be there. Each of us is in this together and hearing and reading all the messages of hope that you share makes it easier to get through one day to the next. Although we’re apart, together we are all hoping for the same thing. Keep sharing your messages and positive comments. They make a difference, you make a difference.

Faith, hope and pixie dust. We never could have imagined the difference a Disney Princess could make. To our village of princesses and the companies that you work for thank you for being creative and finding ways to reach out to our children. At a time when your businesses are struggling you continue to find ways to provide smiles and a calming presence to so many. You are such an important and special part of our village. Keep that pixie dust coming. Together we’ll fly our way through this.

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