Routines Of A Pandemic

Sometimes life gets the best of you and sweeps you up into a whirlwind of time that you just can’t keep up with. And so it’s been in our house these past few months. Despite our days being filled with the same mundane day to day tasks, the routine has finally become predictable and consistent allowing one day to turn into the next. We are on a roll and all is good but the days go by so quickly and time keeps rushing past us.

Routines play such an important part in our house. It took Kelsey a long time to adjust to a new routine of staying home when everything shut down because of COVID-19. It’s been months since she got on a van in the morning and spent her day out of the house and in a program. She finally however settled in and became content to be at home.

Unfortunately that all changed last month when our dog passed away. Suddenly our day to day routine was disrupted in the most heartbreaking way. Her passing left an enormous void. It impacted Kelsey more than I thought it would. The day I took the dog to the vet and didn’t come home with her was the first time I ever saw Kelsey cry real tears. Real tears of real sadness.

There have been other sad moments that she experienced and although she was sad she never cried over them. Kelsey lost her grandparents when she was much younger. She was very close to them and yet when they passed she never shed a tear. I wonder why she cried now. Perhaps it was because she is older and realized the emptiness in the house and the changes it would bring to her routine.

We have since welcomed a new puppy into our house. Kelsey quickly took hold of the new daily routines that a puppy brings. She has been able to hold on to her familiar routines of being at home and add the new fast paced (very fast paced) routines that a puppy brings. We have, as a family, adapted to spending our days at home during the pandemic that has swept across the nation. Days at home filled with familiar routines and puppy mischief that ever so quickly pass us by.

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