The Gingerbread House

Another rainy Saturday and nowhere to go. The second wave of the COVID virus was upon us and my daughter was not happy at all. As much as we try to hide some of the realities of our world she always finds out. Today she is well aware that places are going to start shutting down again and without putting it into words is letting us know how she feels about it.

I grab a mask and head to the nearest store in search of a gingerbread house kit. Walgreens does not disappoint me. I grab a kit and all the candy I can find. Thirty nine dollars later I am confident that I have found a great distraction to this day. We’ll spend the afternoon putting this house together and hopefully forget a least for a little while about everything else.

First of all let me just say that putting together a gingerbread house ( even when the pieces are already preformed) is not an easy task. It’s even more difficult with a very irritable daughter that has had enough of this pandemic. There is not enough icing in the world to make this house stick together today.

After a few attempts, roof and all, we finally get the house to stand. Now come the decorations. And decorations we certainly have. There is no shortage of candy here. My daughter however has all of a sudden developed a strong disliking of the color red and separates all of the red candies.

The gingerbread house is completed and much to my relief is still standing. Candy covers the roof and sides. Blue, green, yellow. All but red. The red ones sit in a bowl on the table. I of course as you all would too grab those candies and start eating away. My daughter tells me to stop. Her words, “You can’t touch red during a pandemic.” She knows the world around her is in the red and it’s not good. Suddenly it all makes sense to me and those m&m’s aren’t as appealing anymore.

2020, the year of the gingerbread house without red candy. It’s so sad yet so appropriate. There is hope however and I’m sure 2021 will find our gingerbread house covered in every color, including red.

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