I was looking at the pictures on my phone the other night and one stood out. Of the nearly 3000 photos this one caught my attention. October 23, 2015 my daughter Kelsey eating chicken noodle soup. Our phones are full of pictures of our children doing many wonderful things. I’ve seen pictures of kids standing in front of the DMV holding their drivers license. Sometimes it’s pictures of the first paycheck or the college acceptance letter. And here I have my child eating chicken noodle soup. That day in October however was a moment that I was not going to let be forgotten. That can of soup was the first thing she ever purchased in a store by herself. Some people keep their child’s first pair of shoes or their christening outfit because of the important milestones they are. I kept that soup can.

Kelsey was just starting her transition program at high school when she purchased that soup. Now that she is coming to the end of that program it is amazing to see all of the pictures on my phone of the things she has accomplished. She never learned to drive but she learned to make a bed and she makes her own every day. I have a picture of her bed on my phone. She never got a college acceptance letter but she received a high school graduation certificate. I have a picture on my phone of her walking across the stage to accept it. Kelsey can do laundry, make a sandwich and has earned lots of medals from Special Olympics. Different accomplishments than other girls her age yet all just as important and all defining enough to be captured in photographs. Her journey and her accomplishments have been her own on her own time. Accomplishments that many people take for granted. Her path has been different than most but filled with milestones and picture worthy events just as everyone else. I’m so looking forward to the pictures to come of the things she has yet to accomplish.

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